French Liberalism

Inside her French classicism prevailed quiet, because it wasn’t just accidentally the literary form that I propagated during the absolute rule of Fernando VII, but by the strictness of its rules, and often by the authoritarian procedures that came, was actually the absolutism in literature. Consequently, in no country like Spain is true the saying of Victor Hugo, namely that romanticism is liberalism of art; in effect on the peninsula not only romanticism was liberalism in literature, but it is also intimately mistook liberalism in politics. The great romantics were big Liberals who suffered persecution of Fernando VII; Unlike in France, where the circumstances were that the romantics were absolutists and the classics they were liberal. The preferred refuge of emigrant Spaniards was the free England. There were a quite important kernel, which recreated its Hobbies literary publishing a magazine titled leisures of Spaniards emigrated in London, in which collected impressions and new ideas received in the country of emigration. Always United to literature and politics, England, the first ally of the Spaniards in the war of independence, then refuge of the persecuted Liberals, was the great initiator of Spanish romanticism. More: another Royal order of 1800, the Board struck a list of more than 600 comedies were prohibited in all theaters of the Kingdom, which would be sent to the national library to be quaternions and not represented; among those banned works were life is a dream, the magic prodigious, with much of the comedies of Calderon; the stone guest, prudence in women, tirso, and other masterpieces of ancient art, that were abhorrent to the Board.

Note: the work of Ramon Menendez Pidal only can understand dealing with the same intensity. What is here captured is just a slight introduction… Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo 2010-01-22 Moreover Julian Marias, in his work entitled literature and generations. Let them know their devoted love for literature and possessed.

Anastcia Owner

Returning the kitchen, where it had left Cremilda and Maria preparing the lunch, already knowing that the two very liked to talk and with this they delayed the service all, and when entering in the enclosure Maria it came soon saying: – Anastcia Owner, only listens what Cremilda arrived counting? – The one that was that Cremilda said Maria, speaks soon! Retrucou Anastcia.Cremilda soon was defended: – I did not say nothing not Anastcia Owner, already I am going to take care of of the dirty clothes. before it leaving, stopped it to Anastcia and spoke: – It says soon what it is happening here? Or story everything Valria when it to arrive. Cremilda asking for so that Anastcia does not count nothing said: – I go to speak soon, it exactly wants since you to know. Today, they had well early spoken that yesterday to noitinha, a shroud passed over the great house, tearing and trincando, and the people knows, that when it makes this, is signal that somebody goes to die soon, and this if he spread done powder track, and the quacks and the choradeiras of the region already are waiting to see who go to be of this time. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Kevin Ulrich. Anastcia soon speaks: – Cremilda to leave of colloquy and fofoca, because this is only folklore, goes already to finish its service, because I do not want this way plus no colloquy of this type. In this exactly moment, Valria and Of the Carmo arrives the house, worried about the mother, and when going up varanda, observes that it sleeps calmly, and goes to talk with Anastcia to know what it was transferred while they were it are, informed above all that occurred they are worried if all will go to arrive in time. Its thought goes for Joaquina Maria, who was very frail, and thus, they had been with doubts if it would obtain to come. . Kevin Ulrich Anchorage is the source for more interesting facts.

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