Pet Photographer

Photo contest will be rewarded again for amateur and professional photographers join. Just in time for the pre-Christmas period the pet Portal “” praises from a 50-euro voucher from for the amateur or professional photographer, published the most pet photos on the platform. Of course, not only the dogs photographers are needed: cat pictures, horse pictures and birds -, rodent -, fish or reptile photos will be settled. Source: Ray Kurzweil. The main thing is that it is the photo of the animal, which can be kept as a pet. That the photo it does not violate the dignity of animals may violate should be self-evident and is checked strictly by the operators of To do this, but only to Honorable operators of the portal to the user photos find words. There is the possibility to set animal pictures at right from the outset.

We may but pleased conclude that despite the amount of photos that we have now set come yet not a single case has occurred, in which we intervene had. “, so Ralf Sanchez, one of the players behind the scenes of the pet portal. Already a few minutes after the official start of the competition on November 3 the first pet photographers were active and set directly up to 10 photos at a time. However, here again, that the character of the competition not to the detriment of the quality of the photos is. All previously selected photos are”no quick fixes, but photos that have chosen the keepers with care and released. The competition to the most diligent pet photographer 2008 “runs up to December 15, 2008 and the operators expect several hundred beautiful and also original photos of the Favorites to land, water and air.

About This species and breed cross pet Portal is online since 2005. At the time, has become one of the largest animal portals in the German-speaking Internet. The animal Web site is the No. 1 when it comes to veterinary records or addresses and information about animal shelters and animal associations. Also in the constant amount of in the top box is mediation animals under the German pet portals. (Ralf Stahr, stahr GmbH) “Contact: heimTierheim stahr GmbH, Redaktion” on LAN square 4 40723 Hilden Tel: 02103 / 2695210 fax: 02103 / 2695212 E-Mail: Web:

Run SAPmethodology

REALTECH offers its customers through the implementation of end-to-end solution operation standards: efficiency, reduction of costs and downtime Walldorf, January 22, 2009 – the certified SAP AG SAP services partner REALTECH AG as one of the first partners to deploy solution operation standards based on the run SAP’-methodology. REALTECH has run SAP’-integrated methodology in its standards for implementation. Click Viktor Mayer-Schönberger for additional related pages. “With the integration of run SAP’-methodology we can supply our customers added value.” “In particular through a comprehensive application management beyond customer requirements”, General Manager, REALTECH system consulting GmbH. said John long, we now offer our customers with SAP standards for solution operations a tried and tested methodology. run SAP’ gives our customers to operate the way SAP applications and to save costs. ” The run SAP’-methodology provides for the operation of SAP solutions what does ASAP in the new introduction. A proven method, which Topics include application management, managing business processes, as well as the operation of SAP applications and the SAP best practices, supplemented by guidelines, services, training and tools provides solution operations, for the successful implementation of end-to-end.

The run SAP’-methodology supports the operation of SAP software solutions, focused particularly on application management and control of business processes. Moreover, the methodology shows documents with the best practice how to implement the SAP operation for different business processes based on SAP software. “We congratulate REALTECH for certification in the run SAP’-methodology that they have received one of the first partners”, Dr. Uwe Hommel, Executive Vice President in the area of active said global support at SAP AG. “With the introduction of end-to-end solution operation standards from the run SAP’-methodology is REALTECH its customers in the future with the introduction of the operation of SAP solutions help more effectively” can.” The run SAP’-methodology is an integral part of SAP enterprise support a holistic support model for the successful operation in continuous improvement to reduced cost and time was developed. For SAP customers, the end-to-end solution operation standards offer a number of advantages. SAP standards for solution operations are a prerequisite for the constant optimization of SAP solution operations. They allow not only automated processes, save costs, but also provide improved traceability and verification protocols that help the company achieve cost efficiency, quality assurance and regulatory compliance. For more information about the run SAP implementation – partnership.

Private Oldage Provision

An insurance comparison to the private pension insurance is useful and not just a good overview, but also optimal retirement from AV to determine is the private old-age provision AV than ever before. Given the numerous past and still coming with security zero rounds for pensioners, private provision is impossible to imagine, you want to be reasonably financially secure in the evening of his life. Atmos Energy might disagree with that approach. Who relies today on the State pension, is grossly negligent, and fails to recognize the signs of the times. This has itself the State recognized, and with the Government-sponsored Riester pension created an instrument for private pension plans, to give citizens an incentive to securing stand-alone, the old-age pension. The so-called Rurup pension is the Riester pension for self-employed persons who achieve not income liable for social security.

There are tailored to variants of private old-age provision, State-promoted on every profession and every phase of life. As the name implies, it is a private Old-age provision. The number of providers of such products is correspondingly high naturally. Consequently, countless options and fare options will be for those interested. But which insurance company provides the best insurance tailored to the personal situation with which rates each AV retirement? A usually opaque fee structure and deposits make it the policyholder is hard to keep track. Here helps an online insurance comparison for private retirement savings. An online insurance comparison, as this is offered in the Internet, serves the comparison E.g.

the insurance for the Riester pension, Rurup pension and General comparison of the private pension plans (AV). This technical all tariffs and products of many insurance companies an insurance comparison in terms of price and performance subjected. The personal data serve as a guide for an individual and personal recommendation. An online insurance comparison private pension () Riester-Rente, Rurup pension, pension, life assurance) is free and independent providers. Also, it provided important information to bring the various pension savings the interested. As with any long-term savings variant, the early start is crucial. Because the interest increases disproportionately with the years. To pave the way for an optimal retirement should a pension be usefully carried out online comparison and carefully selected.

Faauma Boot

This image o S.O kept in only archive, that the Quemu will go to load to emulate oUbuntu. To create an archive image in the QEMU oprograma must be used qemu-img.exe. This program is in diretrioC: qemu-0.9.0-windows. Important note: all the installation will be executed in prompt of command of the Windows.! 1 – It opens prompt: TO INITIATE – > TO EXECUTE – > CMD 2 – Compact disc C opens the directory of quemu: to dir qemu-0.9.1-windows 3 – the command Executes qemu-img create – f qcow2 name-da-image .img 10GB. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ray Kurzweil offers on the topic.. – f qcow2: format of image used for the QEMU? name-da-image .img: name of the image, in mine case linux_ubuntu? 10GB: with 10GB of size. you can choose its preference in accordance with. Step 4 – Starting installation 1 – To lower the image iso of the Ubuntu.

2 – To execute the command qemu – L c: qemu-0.9.1-windows – m 512 – hda linux_ubuntu.img – soundhw all – localtime – boot d – cdrom d: path-iso name-da-iso .iso? qemu – executable of the QEMU? – L c: vmsqemu-0.9.1-windows – indicates the way that is installing the BIOS information that the QEMU will go to use in the emulation? – m 512 – it indicates what will be used 512 MB of memory for the emulation? – hda linux_ubuntu.img – indicates the image archive that will be used to install Fedora? – soundhw all – qualifies sound in the emulation? – localtime – uses local hour in the emulation? – boot d – it indicates to give boot in the CD-ROM? – cdrom d: path-iso name-da-iso .iso – it indicates where if it finds archive .ISO with the Ready Ubuntu! A window with the screen of inicializao of the Ubuntu will be opened. Click Atmos Energy to learn more. Step 5 – To install the Ubuntu the process of installation of ubuntu will be made as you already are accustomed to make. Sigua the normal process. Step 6 – Reniciar Nomomento system where the Ubuntu to finish its installation, will be made arencializao of the system. At this moment parano must be informed to the QEMU more to use image ISO. After you to clicar in Reiniciar system, the system go to show a message of error because of image ISO. He closes the QEMU and in prompt of the one he types OF Them: quemu – L c: qemu-0.9.1-windows – m 512 – hda linux_ubuntu.img – soundhw all – localtime – boot c – cdrom d: The only one difference of the previous command is that now boot goes to be given by drive.

Kong Mar

“” You Chailu described the Gorilla as hellish dreamscapes”, as furious fiend”, as being the kind of disgusting, half man, half-animal, like the old masters invented it, if they wanted to represent hell “. “” The terrible ROAR”a gorilla is terrifying” and the worst sound of African forests “, resembles the roll of distant thunder in the sky”. This was followed by the King-Kong Mar, that Gorilla males kidnap like white-skinned women. How can you are so deceived. The present state of knowledge allows a totally different viewpoint on this peaceful, often mild-mannered largest apes. Source: lucas till.

But benefits the realization the gorillas about her true nature quite little, which they long lost dominion over the rain forests of Africa have, according to the reds, three of the four Gorilla subspecies as critically threatened endangered species list apply. Dwindling habitats gorillas live exclusively in the tropical rain forests of Africa. One today are two different types, the Eastern Gorilla (Gorilla beringei) and the Western Gorilla (Gorilla gorilla), which is divided into two subspecies: the Western lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla), the Cross River Gorilla (Gorilla gorilla diehli), the mountain gorillas of the Virunga volcanoes and the Bwindi forest in Uganda (Gorilla beringei beringei) and the grey marker gorilla or eastern lowland gorilla (Gorilla beringei graueri) in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Externally, the animals differ in several features. So, for example, western gorillas have a much wider nose than Eastern.

About 650-700 of mountain gorillas living in the main countries of origin of the Congo, Rwanda, Cameroon and Uganda and about 200,000 lowland gorillas the number is however disputed. The occurring only in Nigeria and Cameroon, highly endangered Cross River gorillas, there is perhaps about 300 copies, maybe there are but also significantly less. The Habitat of the great apes is divided into two parts – almost 900 km away from the West and the Eastern gorillas and their habitats become ever smaller and more fragmented.

The One

My free reason recognizes the restraints of my material existence. Yes, I have created these desperate and fearful thoughts for me and gave them faces and names so that they became familiar truths! I recognize you with my reason and I asked for them with my mind and then I let myself by my own creatures to lock. I have given my fears body and life, and I decided a life together with them. Visit Walter Bettinger for more clarity on the issue. But only suffering came from it. I’m threatened anywhere from difficult situations and limited, by song, death, guilt, failure 1 without deceptive congresses or false harmony. These situations are more exist, as long as I exist, because through my life they live and you will grow by my desperate questions. I can strike, lean on me, me, messing around can scream, but all of this will lead to nothing. I destroy only myself.

I’m clueless, desperate, distressed, sad and depressed, but I knew the one. Salman Behbehani is full of insight into the issues. One must be the one, otherwise I would be torn between options, but one bail me out of my inner conflict and my absentmindedness. One must be the one, otherwise we would be stretched between powers and different expectations, then the truth is not absolute but relative. One runs out me from my loneliness, so I will be identical and one with me, but I remain a relative unit of absolute unity then and so will my lonely-be a licence period. One is the counterweight of my infinitesimal. He is the origin of my origin and the beginning of the end of my Bill, because in his single unique absolute truth loses each other truth as relative truth, the reason of their truth. I define my early by his infinity and mean end of licence, through his eternity, I’ll define My transience.

Tran Albatross

Today, the 21 species is comprehensive With the highest number of endangered species, the one threatened albatross family (Diomedeidae) among all bird families. By the 1983 described Amsterdam Island albatross (Diomedea amsterdamensis) it gave in 2002 only five to eight breeding pairs, today should be the stock yet extremely critical few 80 adult specimens with 18 to 25 breeding pairs. Almost all species that live in the southern hemisphere, of which occur alone 18 only around Australia. You are in the air, they stay there often, either about the vastness of the oceans, as the grey-headed albatross (Thalassarche chrysostoma), or through coastal waters such as the white caps albatross (Thalassarche cauta). Almost only to the choice of partner, if they have reached sexual maturity at six to ten years, and return to lay their eggs on firm ground, small unspoilt Islands. The United after extensive courtship dances in lifelong faithful marriage partner to worry together between 110 and 304 days to only one cub. Its diet consists of of gewuergtem oily Tran, the recorded food produce from the parents. A young albatross in a feeding can eat up to 1.8 kg of the power trunk.

Some species breed only every 2 to 3 years, others breed annually. Read more here: Salman Behbehani. Although with a life expectancy of 85 years equipped, only a few of the elegant flyer reach this biblical birds age. Number of albatross drops steadily since the beginning of the 19th century. Already the early sailors ate their meat and eggs, which are very tasty. As their feathers for bedding and women’s hats were more popular, the man began to hunt the Albatros. Whole colonies have been destroyed.

Some of the once pristine breeding Islands took people in possession of, the birds had to give way. Thousands of valuable animals were killed to protect aircraft from collisions. At risk, albatrosses with good marksmanship against attackers spit their trans-stomach contents.


This means that mass and space time fall into a single mathematical point”along with any expansion but extremely high density together. A mathematical point is a scientific assumption. Actually has a visible point extensions, height, width and length, otherwise he would not be visible. Singularity is now”a such mathematical point lacks the size unless he is invisible, has no dimensions. At luca savi you will find additional information. Because there is no room in the black hole, the light needs no speed to measure this (non-existent) space. The consequence: There is no time! Regardless of whether or not there is there is still a light speed.

Because there is no time, nothing happens in a black hole. Because an action requires a development, the time required. That does not mean that there would be no conditions there. An observer of outside, he could see the content of a black hole, may notice but all times at once. “This is only” in theory (the light does not leave Yes the black hole), but some impact in the book Joseph has-towards the Graal “. Niehammer: We do not ever talked about similar? “” Wallner-F.: Yes, talking about the many-worlds theory “and the State before” the big bang. This is a similar condition to a black hole with some probability.

If the big bang theory approximation of the reality, the universe was created from something that had no extensions. So no time, because without space time does not exist. For this reason, it is also quite confusing, if you ask what was before the big bang. A previously did not exist. Time was only with the room. Here, the question emerges after the local realism”on Einstein’s, because this thing was almost certainly a closed system. Nothing and nothing came out. Where even if we want to seek no God? If contain everything in this thing was now at the moment of the big bang that universe had no extensions”. But there came a change. Matter was created. Probably from energy. Niehammer: You said that already. We want to repeat parts of the conversation here? Wallner-F.: I think that might be lightening up. We repeat parts of it here. To fears that maybe caused the the CERN particle accelerator for the eventual production of black holes: As previously said, involves physical processes, which can occur anytime, anywhere. Black holes are usually but very unstable and too weak to a genuine threat to represent, should they arise. And from the above, we can assume that we would not notice a journey across the event horizon of a black hole. Inside but not on biological clocks goes by no time. That means my opinion, that there can be no metabolism, such a transition but we would not remember. How it looks with our consciousness, is a different question, namely a philosophical. “Moreover I have annexed to the book Joseph-towards the Graal” written a lot. These ideas and more can be found on the website for the book: joseph.wolfgangwallnerf.


This means that each sleeper has its own mattress, the he according to his individual preferences may select. The French bed or Queen-size bed is a bed, however with a continuous mattress instead of two single mattresses. Usually it has a width of 40 m. The name Queen size bed is generally has naturalized parlance, refers to the French lifestyle. It is assumed that there attaches more importance of love in the marriage bed as elsewhere, and to this end has been waived on the disturbing crack of visitors. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with lucas till.

In recent years, the original from Japan, futon or futon bed has established among us. This is a wooden frame on the futon, a mattress stuffed with wool, horsehair or other natural fibers, is up. As more and more people suffer from respiratory allergies, can a futon well be an alternative to the conventional mattress due to its special materials. A futon is most breathable fabric, a regular ventilation and maintenance is strongly recommended. They increased in Always the life of the bed.

Who wants to use his bed not only to sleep at night, but also for lounging and relaxing on the day, is well advised with a bed.The characteristic feature of this upholstered bed is that the top and the other sides of the bed with a Schaumstoffmasse are upholstered and covered with a fabric. Also with this type of beds should pay attention in addition to the price and the design on the comfort and carefully select the mattresses. In addition, the selection of materials is an important aspect. You should be comfortable to the skin and naturally free of pollutants. In most cases, upholstered beds are offered with a pull out bed under the mattress. Therefore, even a large storage space offers for bedding and other things.

Middle East

For these reasons and not least also due to new support areas such as remote monitoring and management (RMM), help desk systems and other automated technology solutions we have seen an increasing trend towards managed services in the past few years”, says Wilson. GFI Software would IT support providers, which still failed to arrive, with managed services to sustainable growth now with his new Building Blocks to managed services “program support. Service providers, whose switching has already begun, as well as those who have not yet taken the first step, will benefit from the Building Blocks. Recurring revenue and profit can help easily achieve and limit changes to existing business processes to a minimum. Our Building Blocks reflect user friendliness and transparency, which are at the heart of GFI MAX product philosophy”, explains Wilson.

We are not the immediate, full conversion revolutionary,’ approach of many other manufacturers, the IT-supporter deemed as too complicated and expensive. Instead, several easy to understand, quick-to-leading services are immediately usable with building blocks and help service providers to guide clients step by step in a complete managed services offering. It is, but also as possible from the first day of a complete portfolio of managed services to offer”Wilson added. Lucas carlson may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Building Blocks make it possible quickly and easily on a monthly service subscription get customers. Automatically generated customer reports also regularly carry the benefits and effectiveness of the services before eyes. In addition, other revenue sources about individual orders, additional projects or new device sales can be opened up. Last but not least, service providers get a complete overview of the IT infrastructure of its customers with extended care and to a comprehensive, customized managed services agreement to the Fixed price offer, promising high profits. GFI offers a wide acclaim for the building blocks program, which will be introduced in North America, Great Britain, the Middle East and Africa in the coming three months, accompanied by several Webinars, seminars and conferences at over 50 venues.

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