Accessible Web Sites

Web design to current standards adequate and accessible Web sites offer a number of advantages for everyone would like to have success on the Internet. short loading times, search engine friendly, through clear structure easy to maintain and easy browser – and platform-independent access means nothing more than the design of media-friendly sites future-proof Standardkonformes Web design for more users in principle according to international guidelines and standards. For your success on the Internet has a number of advantages. Xerox oftentimes addresses this issue. One of the most important factors for the success of a website is now short charging times user friendliness, called also usability. Especially in the fast medium of the Internet, users lose patience quickly if they do not quickly reach their destination.

The separation of content and design of the site with standards-compliant coding, reduces the file sizes and thus the page load times significantly reduced. So making a large contribution to the satisfaction of the visitors to your site. Easy to maintain and easy to clean Standard-compliant sites are easier to maintain through the meaningful structure and the consequent separation of content and design. Thus, it is possible within seconds on hundreds of pages all green headers blue color, the background of plain white to change a wallpaper pattern, to change the font u.v.m. However, even the desire of small changes to the design quickly becomes at sites that are not standards were implemented, an expensive matter. Also: Through the use of Web standards you will be independent by your service provider: are sites that standards were created by any competent Web designers to edit easily and efficiently.

Browser and platform independence long ago is the mobile Internet, so the use of PDAs, cell phones and similar to visit on the Web any more of the future. Standard-compliant Web design provides for an improvement of accessibility and device independence. No matter what your customers on the Web are traveling with a standards-compliant website can you be sure, that it can be used by anyone. Search engine friendly the same as for the different output devices applies to search engines. Standards-compliant sites that have at least two advantages: the separation of content and design by the outsourcing of all formatting ensures that the content for the search engines are more easily visible and can be captured even better. Standard compliant Web design means but also something else: the contents of the website are marked according to their meaning (semantic structuring). That means each heading, each collection, and so on is visible for search engines as such and hence evidence of the relation. Accessible to more users, a standards-compliant and accessible Web site allows a maximum range for your offer. Millions of people have every man for himself, with the use of the Internet with the various restrictions to fight, such as age-related impairments, other output devices (such as mobile phones, screen readers, etc.), smaller monitors, slower Internet connections (modem), disabilities of various types (E.g. colour blindness, poor eyesight, motor impairments). With a standards-compliant Web site, expand the circle of your visitors also to these people. Future-proof, no one can say today what will be in the coming years and decades for developments on the Web. Sure one today according to Web standards is created site but also in five and more years by the then-current browsers render correctly are can as well as an energy-saving lamp naturally fit a lamp from the flea market in the version, which was produced at a time when energy-saving bulbs did not yet exist. Just standards. Sven Albrecht webdesign /…

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