All About Digg

Before entering in detail, there is a fast note for the nascent ones here that does not know what is Digg. For that already they are familiarized with, this section can skip. What is Digg? Digg is a free country of social mass media Web site where the news in its pages is controlled by the Community of users (more than 500.000. There is no central control system who decides that the news to report and that the News appear in front page. The community of users votes in them clicking in digg this in History of each, besides icons that appear in their pages.

Digg was originally only for geeks and the majority of articles related to the technology, but since then it has grown to include an ample range of categories that include almost any subject. The people interested in creating their own Web site Digg type must read Desire money clonando to digg. If you are to blogger or a site that writes press things and is looking for additional traffic, you possibly Digg can watch and copy it (to clonar it. is difficult and, finally, only histories that are unique receive great number of votes or diggs of the community of users and to appear in front page. If history is unique and sufficiently good, the community voted by you and you can be sure that once arrives at the main page will obtain more than 10,000 unique visitors in its Web in a day and that gradually it falls in a few days. This is known as Digg effect and the profit of this must be one of their objectives. There is a handful of average arriving at the cover of Digg. These are the methods of TO BE ABLE for the users and I will talk about next. I am not going to enter detail in how using Digg, You you can see it in the aid area and the area of FAQ of the page Web sees in the foot of the page Web, under the title All About digg. Quire to know but on the secret and the tools to win in Digg.

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