Bedtime Stories

Remember my childhood, who among you has not dreamed of becoming a fireman or an astronaut, an actor, a policeman, but you never know who, though an alien from another planet. And what will it take? Need to venture out and take the first step. What should have been directors yeah Besides Lucas, for example, to remove the "Star Wars"? Scenario – no. Determination and decisiveness. A science-fiction writers? It is infinitely brave people who are trying to watch and see the future. Jules Verne badly did not want to publish his science-fiction novel "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" because in the year of publication conducted the first test torpedoes. Who knows what will happen in 10 years? Maybe this will be the world matrix the brothers, and maybe the world of Terminator. In any If this is a world in which we live.

So why do we cry and complain about my life and not remember their dreams and keep trying through the thorns to the stars? Why? Because from the time of primitive man, we become more lazy and more confident in the future? Such questions can be given an infinite set, and the higher you rise, the more questions you raise a front. What is the most important thing for human life? Perhaps this sense of self-importance, it is to this aim we have from the beginning of life until his death. By this we go – this is the main stimulant drug, and our lives. However, worse than all the others – the worst part is that the quest for significance makes us forget our own Ya Kinda weighing on one side of which lies the internal component of the self and the other opinion and significance. How to find a balance, then the invisible state of balance and harmony with itself. There is no exact recipe.

For someone such outlet is a book for someone theater, someone is looking for themselves in distant lands, some, if not sadly aware of it, with a glass in his hand. Every recipe is mine. I think that the universal is only one item – to achieve harmony with themselves need imagination and inner courage to decide and do. To step into the abyss of the invisible bridge, solve the riddle of the Sphinx, to fly to the stars and return to the planet monkeys, reincarnated or reset the mask to find a true, or at least a step closer to comprehension itself. I was able to get it through their participation in the project Metamorphoses.

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