Brazil Coconut

The group possesss umahistria that was kept in the memory of the brincantes, and that it would possivelmenteestaria predestinate to the esquecimento. Through interviews with participants of the Samba of Coconut, it was possible to identify that the sociocultural time and advances had not shaken aseriedade of the group, exactly with the entrance of new brincantes in the wheel of the Coco.Como in the current formation possess three participants who were part of the aindano dance Town Coconut palm, exist have concern to keep its originalidade. The changes that had occurred in the continuity of the group, justify the action of the time. Before they played the Coconut after a jornadade work, in the junino period or some commemorative date of some living dacomunidade. Today the group if presents in some states of Brazil. In its indumentria, it had changes, each component dogrupo possesss its standardized clothes.

Old, it did not have clothes standard, osbrincantes they danced with the clothes that was. The eramconfeccionados instruments of rudimentary form and today the instruments are same, but the deformed one industrialized. The original instruments exist, but they are in the deOlmpia Museum in So Paulo. ' ' The objective and the characteristic of ' ' tradies' ' , also of the invented ones, it is the invariability. The passadoreal or forged the one that they mention themselves imposes practical fixed (normalmenteformalizadas), such as the repetition.

' ' custom in the sociedadestradicionais, has the double function of engine and projection. Epode does not hinder the innovations to move until certain point, even so evidently either hindered for the requirement deck must seem compatible or identical to precedente' ' 4 the question of the tradition is present in the head dosparticipantes of the Samba of Coconut. In analysis, it was observed that the importance dogrupo is in full activity, was of the ability of the Association that deuseguimento the preservation of the group.

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