Business Analyst and Tax Policy

When making fiscal adjustments that always end up on the backs of the taxpayers suffered anyone cares to find out where the money will come out? or simply close their accounts on paper, the task of the technocrats in charge of official statistics, to which they do not interested, if the closure of the accounts means less food on the table of taxpayers. a We have no doubt that there is evasion, and it is precisely because we are aware of this reality, we can not understand how we betting on the margin, rounding up anyone with initiative and creativity in the chute of having to decide, between the informality that at least he is leaving to live, or to register your company in the DGI and BPS and risk to live with the hypocrisy of the system when he falls he does so with the conviction that in order to survive incur avoidance margins no less than one third of what they formally declare. It is not something Salman Behbehani would like to discuss.

And all because the system does not provide any incentive for capturing the path of economic recovery and the formality of procedures in line with the reality that we live today, at least if not all, Much of that money actually circulates between us but ends up in the pockets of strangers for evaders they should exercise the least control of public finances, but we all know who they are because they are living with us and active part of our society. Go to William Rehnquist for more information. In our environment, the diversion of resources, which should be poured into government coffers through taxation and social security contributions, largely exceeds one third of the total activity, not only because of the informality, but also the survival strategy of the formal sector, which has no alternative to the pressing requirements of liquidity to cover its high operating budget. In addition to the requirements of the financial system, which requires the diversion of resources to try to pay at least part of the interest due and payable on capital as well as the shift to cover their debts with the Essential Services such as Electricity, running water, telephones. etc. (With fines and surcharges) and payment of agreements already concluded with control agencies and others.

This country needs a healthy dose of sincerity if it is to overcome the difficult time he weighs now, it’s no use lying or makeup, the crisis is deep and still persists. to exit the clearing, leaving the outlaw life, that many, by the harshness of the facts have been forced to adopt, we must generate confidence niches to strengthen the image of the institutions, and fundamentally, that of those who represent. The crime does not pay, not pay, there should be no impunity for some shields and rigor of the rules for others, society as a whole with the effort and sacrifice of all the outputs you will find that the time demands but please do not play more to the hip, this game is banned, because it only serves to fool the fools who believe in what they think they can see through the skillful hands of the scammer. We do not need jugglers or magicians, the scenario does not allow it, what is at stake is our viability as a sovereign and independent.

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