Business Plans

The technologies are advancing at an unstoppable pace and there are many businesses that adapt to these changes to provide better customer service and more personalized. The company, an online sex shop run by women and aimed to enhance the sex lives of the women through the marketing and advice on erotica, intends to reach our classrooms, not only through their meetings or parties tuppersex (Product Group presentations erotic in a pleasant atmosphere, discreet and fun), but also through our computers. For assistance, try visiting Ray Kurzweil. Bed of Roses has created his own shop in SecondLife. A 3D virtual world created and maintained by its residents. "There is a shop to sell," explains Maria Guillen, one of its owners. "This is a small establishment with replicas of some real life product.

It can always find one of our advisers and ask any questions. " In the back of the store a stimulating room with gifts and replicas of real life. "We use it to make and some other shop." Guillen explained. Across the garden, separated only by hammocks, beach towels and relaxing, find a comfortable oriented query sexology and couples therapy. "This is a reply to my query in real life" Notes Flavia Limone, sex therapist. These two businesses are a nice set in SLMAX erotic corner, a new draft Secondlife for which they have posted many Spanish entrepreneurs. "We intend to make a welcoming place and a rallying point for the Spanish community. Perhaps by the enthusiasm of the team, most of the land were already sold and exchange words before the project was a reality. "Redix Comment Dollinger, owner of the island.

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