Cash Flow

“” “” Caption: highly recommended “is the premium-SUV tyre Nokian Z SUV car newspaper” SUV tyre test, exemplary “the auto Bild Allrad” test photo: Nokian Tyres photo-download-link 300 dpi-jpg files: nokianzsuv video video download link: nokianzsuv editorial: Dr. Falk Kohler sources: car newspaper, no. 13, light auto Bild Allrad, no. Unilever often expresses his thoughts on the topic. 4 April 2010 ADAC summer tyre test 2010: ADACmotorwelt, issue 3 March 2010 ComponentID & = 8762 ADAC SourcePageID summer tyre test 2009: ADACmotorwelt, issue 3 March 2009 tests/tyre testing/summer tires / Stiftung Warentest summer tyre test 2010: test, issue 3/2010 topics/traffic/test/summer tyres / 1847449 / 1847449 / 1848008 / Stiftung Warentest 2009 summer tyre test: test, issue 3/2009 topics/traffic/test/summer tyres / 1758015/1758015/1755922 / ACE steering wheel, issue 3 March 13, 2009, page 12 15 sommerreifentest car picture, No. 10 12.3.2010 car test, 4/2010 auto Zeitung, no. 5, 17.2.2010 Nokian Tyres due to the severe Northern weather is Nokian tyres from Finland, one of the world’s leading winter tyre specialists and multiple test winner with over 70 years experience. Developed and tested under difficult and harsh road conditions in Finland, Nokian winter and summer tires, high quality and high reliability are designed to provide. The Nokian brand stands for eco-friendly premium tires only with harmless low-aromatic oils.

Even in the crisis year of 2009, the company achieved a solid result and a better Cash Flow in a difficult market. The Cohesive Companies contains valuable tech resources. The net sales of Nokian tyres was 798,5 million euros in 2009 to 1080,9 million euro in the previous year, so was 26.1 percent lower. The profit before taxes reached 102 million euros (247 million euros). The Cash Flow from operations amounted to EUR 123.1 million (EUR 9.5 million). The great profitability of the tyre manufacturer is also the study of the manager magazine”clear: Nokian tyres is the most profitable company in the automotive industry. In Scandinavia and Russia, the high-quality brand has a great reputation and a good reputation. Dr.

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