CINCO Offers Great Fun

Board game with addictive published franjos the game franjos from Lichtenau-Henglarn near Paderborn has publishing 2010 CINCO board game to the game fair in Essen. The family game involves a revision of the traditional Japanese board game of RENJU. CINCO by franjos contains additional modern components which increase the fun of the game and change the gameplay. Two to four players from the age of eight can compete at CINCO individually or in teams. Target is to place five pieces in a row on the game board by skillful playing of cards. Quickly developed a simple and entertaining, but nevertheless profound game of tactical possibilities. The length of the game by CINCO is pleasantly short with about ten minutes and invites a revenge game – addiction factor included.

franjos – Managing Director Franz-Josef Herbst not passed the game idea of CINCO. He explains excited: “I was captivated by this old game principle, which has been used in games such as 5IVE STRAIGHT. In the further development, we tried different game plan and card designs, which facilitate the access. We had to simply publish CINCO!” CINCO is easy to learn. There are 90 cards with each a number from 1 to 90. Of them, each player receives four cards in the hand. Who is the series, plays a card (or pulls one or replace all four) and sets one of his tokens on the Board.

While he may occupy all the numbered fields showing a number that is at least as large as the played out. Who first brings a series of five (or more) stones on the Board, is winner of CINCO. This sounds easier than it is played. The Special Division of the Board and the random element by hand cards complicate the project as well as the other players, which not rarely literally put a stone in the way one. CINCO (franjos game publishing -) for 2 – 4 players (2-6) 8 years, EAN: 4021505101036 description of franjos the franjos’s game publisher, founded in 1987. The aim was from the beginning to publish easy to understand games for families with children and adults, which still offer a certain depth and a great fun.

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