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As in real war, if you decide to Allied or Axis. Who makes sola is open to suggestions. Both factions are completely different, including the interface and themes. Allies play as green and camouflage units have while playing with an interface axis gray. No matter which group you choose, you will be taken to the battlefield of World War II. Warfare WWII is another great strategy and here to choose your side and fight against each other. You build your base and develop your own building infrastructure such as academia, the medical center, warehouse, etc command center.

Mission System The game features a mission system with which you can obtain resources through looting. The missions are divided into three classes and these are a function of the difficulty. A more difficult, because the better the prize to receive. Construction and Buildings Update dev includes points that are used to update and upgrade your buildings. Research in your buildings launched investigations to improve your technology of war.

System Commander Warfare in WWII, you can recruit commanders and VIP find an item. In additionally, each time you enter the game, you will get resources and gold-gold is the currency of the game. 2 Before you attack and conquer other bases, make sure that you have sufficient resources to keep your units, 3 Remember that after your attacks, there may be offensive enemy, so be careful to look the enemy responses. The game is designed to attack so the defense system may seem unfair. How many more troops, more consumption of grains. Keep in mind the situation to ensure that your men are dying of hunger. You can find out more options visit our website at article was published under the section "Full Description" You can replicate freely without charge but must be mentioned to the site of origin. All rights reserved.

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