If public good legally verified to demand the use and job of the Property of the Citizen, will be it previously indemnified of the value of it. The Law will mark the cases where it will have that to cheat this only exception, and will give the rules to determine indemnity (ART. 179/XXII. CF/de 25/03/1824 Apud BRAZIL, 2007: Volume I: 27). ‘ ‘ mere coincidence, but the practical chain of maintenance of the status quo of its immediate representatives: the capitalist agrarian-exporter. At the same time, he established who could possess the rights that just the Constitution establishes: the Brazilian citizens. If you would like to know more then you should visit Eliot Horowitz. Exclua, therefore, the enslaved majority, the indians and some as much others that do not possuam purchasing power. The slave, as a merchandise, also was in the bulge of protection of the property.

Therefore, she was not citizen, but inviolable, pertaining merchandise to the agrarian proprietors. No longer project of Constitution of 1823, according to Sposito (2006), was questioned if the indian would be exactly Brazilian citizen or. This question, according to author, demonstrated that it had an irrigation ditch between the intended real society and the national one: ' ' It had an irrigation ditch between the real, existing society in territory that if it intended national, and that society that would start to compose, from now on, the Brazilian nation. These societies, ' real' ' nacional' they do not coincide and this characteristic does not have to be understood as with the ideal of equality intended for the national State, although evidently conflituosa (SPOSITO, 2006:18 – 19) &#039 contradictory; '. In such a way they were not contradictory that the divergences generated from the project of Constitution of 1823 and the Constitution of 1824, not only in relation to the indians, had not been such questions that had caused to greaters problems for the approval of the 1823 project, but yes, the relations of being able.

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