Not always words mean also that seem to signify they, above all in Italy who moves in Italy, should know about some decision, what is different there than in Germany. One of these major differences concerns the meaning of words. A Word is not always a Word. “A man a word”, it is said. But not always and everywhere you should believe in the. So Mina, a well known Italian singer had even before decades with their parody of “parole parole”, freely translated word, just words, great success, particularly in Italy. Specifically, it is to a not very happy for the female sex love story.

Indeed, the Italian language tends to exaggerate. Much is framed in the superlative and words decorative in addition with more. There is just not a very nice sculpture but an exceptionally special, unique, beautiful sculpture. The car drives not easily, but just very easily. The Italian Gigolo owes much flowery words his reputation as a charming, passionate lovers, the surrender to the women in mass during the holiday. However, caution is necessary, at least in the professional world.

Words are easy to say that. You know in Italy that words are just words and not necessarily what must mean. You belong. Without it, what is missing. But anyone who thinks that an appointment is really respected, will be disappointed quickly, as the one who relies on the words of his Italian partner. Worse still, the Italians even says. He thinks anything bad here, because you know to take words in Italy. You will need to so something you should ask before the agreed date or the verbally negotiated thing again. It is however no matter the holidaymaker, she hears but like coaxing flowery words that will never hear it from a German. Cara, mia dolce, mia amore Arne Frentzel fragola,

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