Cristovam Children

In the article of different cheeks, the book ' ' instrangeiros' ' of Cristovam Buarque, the disrespect of the Brazilian economists is shown with a great criterion of evaluation stops with the children. critical railway the way as they is worried only about the economic growth and forgets the health them children. This as the other chapters of this exactly book is of an important analysis. It criticizes it comes together with given that shows ways to take care of beyond the health, of the education and the manunteno of the devoid families. With the reading of this chapter it is the question: until when the economists they will close the less the most favored eyes for? As the proper Cristovam writes ' ' the authors of the studies have healthy children and they do not see the cheeks of the children of pobres' '. The malnutrition of these children is what if it can call the express shame in the infantile faces, therefore does not have ways to hide the action that the hunger and the malnutrition cause. A point that I consider of sufficient importance criticizes is it ' ' academic domination of pensamento' ' where it stops some courses of superior level is very strong, that is they are worried much more about ilusrias figures of what with human beings that many times can be until a neighbor, demonstrating the next quo is this problem. It does not have as to deny the concern of the author of this book, in this chapter as in the others he is with the change in the attitudes and the thoughts of the governing and of all the Brazilians..

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