CSP Expands

CSP software solutions ensure the quality of premium vehicles Grosskollnbach throughout the group, January 19, 2010. The CSP GmbH & co. KG, Grosskollnbach, software specialist expands in the aerospace and telecommunications industries. In addition to various companies in the long-standing root segment Automotive, CSP was able to convince more large customers in the fields of aviation and telecommunications last year. The industry-independent database archiving solution of Chronos came on special interest here. She throws out inactive information from the relational database systems and archives it in the long run.

Thus users store cost-effectively and securely the information over a long period of time, in the case of product liability, for example, over 15 years. As in more and more areas tons must apply to data and be provided in the long term, companies opt for an archiving solution. Key advantages of Chronos are the long-term security including the treatment of data structure and simplified data management. In addition, the users benefit from the comprehensive care through CSP during all phases of the project. The expansion of our offer on other sectors through the software Chronos represents the logical consequence of the current data growth for us. If we can archive multiple terabytes data by automobile manufacturers, other sectors of the economy should benefit from our know-how.

That’s why we have decided to expand into other industries\”, says Mario Tauber, Managing Director of CSP. CSP ensures the quality of people for almost 20 years and simplifies the evidence in the area of product liability for manufacturers. The company is known for its independent and service-oriented solution provider which supports all departments from development through production to the quality management. Especially the products screw case database SDB, IPM, for integrated process data management and QA-torque for quality checks are used here. Abigail Black Elbaum oftentimes addresses this issue. CSP offers also special customer wishes Customizing the products. The in-house, experienced development team implements the new requirements within a short time.

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