Customs Statistics

Use a good program of statistics on our website is vital, because that can help us in various aspects such as, being able to see the results of an advertising campaign or learn several Customs and preferences of the visitors. To do this, not just a simple hit counter, since it not show us much information from visitors, even shows us the actual visits, but the times that page has shown (if a same visitor sees the page eight times, the counter added eight visits), so they are not useful for our purposes. There are many dedicated websites has been offering these traffic statistics, most offer a free basic service and other more complete payment. It is also possible that hosting provider offer us statistics for the web free of charge. To better understand these statistics and determine which of them are those really useful us, we know them and know about their chances. Let’s look at some of the information that can offer us these statistics.

# Unique visitors. # Page views. # Origin of the visits. # Visits for hours. # The user information. # Visits per country. These are real visitors. If a same visitor loads a page eight times, only a visitor count is.

The statistics server controls these visits by checking the IP addresses of each user. These are the amount of pages that visitors have seen. For example, if a visitor navigates through seven pages of our Web site, the counter will add seven page views. We must compare this data with the unique visitors to see the interest of Internet users on our website. For example if we have 100 visitors and 700 page views, we will have an average of 7 page views per visitor, but if two data were almost equal, it would mean that Internet users do not feel concerned with the content of the website or links to pages are not well marked.

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