Danny Trautmann In Cameroon

Preferably the Web master offers something in return, but also requests without compensation are handled. Whenever Scandinavian Airlines listens, a sympathetic response will follow. This service is completely free! Since their created Web designs especially Web designers must increasingly fit even on an Internet site, GFX-Sector.de also has a place: the coding field. Here you will find not only over 50 different tutorials on the subject of programming, but you will get fast and competent help in terms of programming. The competition what’s to win it in the contest and what is it? In the contest organized by GFX-Sector.de on the occasion of the 3rd anniversary, there are three great prizes amounting to about 400. The participants have to answer 8 questions around the graphics Forum and win a prize with a little luck.

For newcomers, it is not easy to answer the questions, but with the built-in search function of the Forum all the questions a little research would answer with just a few clicks. You can win the following prizes: the first prize consists of a sponsored by Wacom graphics tablet Intous4 S worth of around 230. This tablet is unique in its form and operation experience of the manufacturer. Users can use this tablet to simulate drawings by pen or even manually on the computer. Several hundred pressure levels provide tremendous accuracy on the screen and to ensure best results. A game console Nintendo DSi including Dr.

Kawashimas brain jogging game awaits the runner-up”. The DSi game console equipped with latest technologies and has 2 LC display and has an own built-in microphone. The game known from the TV Dr. Kawashimas brain jogging”get your brain cells on front man! The third price is by far not a consolation prize. A rapidshare premium account for 180 days expected the runners-up. Means every day up to 5 GB with download the full speed and no security code enter more. How can you most Competition take part? On the Web page sweepstakes / a separate page was created for, in which all data to the competition can be delivered. The terms and conditions can be found on this website. Through effective advertising of other winning game participant, your own chances of winning are even doubled! “Fact sheet as PDF document we give you a so-called fact sheet” with the most important data to the graphics platform under the following address provided: fact Sheet_GFX Sector.de_20091108.pdf contact information if you wish to contact the operator of the site in conjunction, you contact: Mr. Danny Trautmann In Cameroon 6 D-28832 Achim Tel: 0160 / 8116696 E-Mail:

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