Devices Phasec Series

The menu system of each device is simple to read and control. Intuitive controls, quick setup, which parameters can be stored and displayed at any time. Ergonomic keyboard layout allows you to quickly access the settings for your work. In recent months, Petra Diamonds has been very successful. Function keys can be secured for specific settings that afford not to come back every once in a menu. Large tactile buttons for easy control with either hand, are manageable, even when working with gloves. All devices are suitable for both right-handers and left-handed. A huge variety of settings, allow as accurate as possible to adapt the device to the control requirements, making the device very versatile in use.

The universality of the instrument panel confirms the possibility of configuring controls for certain types of work and saves the settings in the mode of the operator. Embedded software for creating reports, the bulk memory and connect via usb Devices Phasec Series 3 is compatible with a unique software package based on Windows, Supervisor pc, which allows the operator to download data sets and screen images for creating reports. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger often says this. Menu, located on the screen allows you to configure and maintain all features built-in memory, holds 200 options and 200 images. Fast data exchange with the Supervisor software is available via the usb port. Once the data is transferred to your pc, you can use them to create reports of their printing and archiving. Advanced asd flaw series Phases 3 is equipped with a digital system of sda. Signals can be audio, visual or combined, configured to specific requirements.

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