Dirk Bach

“Indira (whispers in the ear): you need friends to worry.” Jay (whispers back): I’ll tell you why. The impact or influence of a review has already a great importance in my opinion and I believe that tomorrow is peer.” Indira (quieter): No, you’re forgetting a very important point. And, indeed, that the fan communities, already 13 days ago sworn have and if 13 days say, Oh, I don’t know, indi and Jay are our dream couple, then… “.” “Jay: you mean, the fronts are already?” Indira: Yes, our fronts are already provided. The peer is not nearly as cool as you.

Peer is a dork. Peer is no longer in the media, peer does not look good, peer is weird, and even if he should be King of the jungle, it will bring nothing to him, you know?” “” “Jay: all right, we should go swimming later.”-quote end – source: RTL (programme v. 26.01.2010) In the seemingly artificial pool directed Jay then a perfect kiss scene with Indira, a soft-sex-Schmonzette “, as moderator Sonja Zietlow the Act from a thousand and one nights” to classify white. “Co-host Dirk Bach titled” Jay Khan as our Til Schweiger, as screenwriter, actor and Director in personal Union “, is also not tired to look during the kissing at least three times straight at the camera, call specialists “what looks”. Probably Khan wanted to prove, that he is not gay, this was previously assumed by Sarah Knappik. Also it probably aim was to make the love story between Jay Khan and Indira Weis really look, but the opposite is the case and the question now arises, who has fault? It was an idea of the scriptwriters, to stage the love story or Jay Khan himself alone and even made it, may be more in the focus of the media to move to play in the foreground? His response to Sarah Knappik BBs unveiling at least was clear: you will be leaving the city…

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