Dome Cameras

These domes are equipped with 2.5-12 mm varifocal lens with auto iris and IR-corrected, and work correctly in the "day / night." They quickly assembled on site without additional brackets. With the new image processor models support the dome of bright illumination, the inversion, an extended dynamic range SSDR, digital noise reduction SSNRIII and other functions. Installation of STC-3520 is allowed and the horizontal and vertical surfaces, with special brackets are required. Choose the direction of the camera allows a 3-axis mounting bracket chamber block, and to adjust the sector surveillance, dome cameras are equipped with Varifocal lens with a focal range of 2.5 to 12 mm. Using DIP-switches on the module in the camera menu you can select the automatic gain control, white balance and other settings that allow optimize the quality of video under light conditions at the facility. To power the dome model STC-3520 uses a source of AC / renamed. current with voltage 12/24 V.

As the sensor chamber STC-3520 ULTIMATE use 1 / 3 "CCD Super HAD CCD II, Sony with a resolution 795h596 pixels. And digital image processing provides DSP-processor Samsung Winner 5 of the last generation. Because of this tandem, the new dome shape with video resolution up to 700 TVL, have improved color and signal / noise ratio 52 dB without increasing the video signal. On the basis of DSP-processor has a function SSDR, which provides the expansion of dynamic range camera, which allows for high detail images under different lighting conditions. Detailed observation of objects in a wide range of illumination provides switchable IR cut filter, which are equipped with dome model Smartec. It toggles "Day / Night" for broadcast color / black and white video with illumination to 0.15 / 0,001 lux. In the case of multiple short-term changes in light levels within the boundary value of dome cameras are able to provide delay switch "day" – "Night" (function Dwell Time), which is exposed when setting up the camera and is 5 to 60 seconds.

Prevent out of focus images when switching modes, "Day / Night" allows regular lens IR-corrected. Improve the quality of video with STC-3520 in low light conditions at the facility allows digital noise reduction function SSNR III. Along with the increase in image quality, eliminating noise contributes to efficient video compression when recording on the DVR, because the noise are additional elements of the image. At the same dome cameras can choose from 32 levels of noise reduction, and savings place in the video archive can be up to 70%. Registration of alarm events is provided by the hardware motion detector camera, which allows you to select up to 8 areas of detection in the frame and to customize each sensitivity. When the activity in any of the 8 regions above the threshold, the dome notifies the operator by displaying the information message display to emphasize its focus, since, carrying out watching videos from multiple cameras, the operator can not always respond quickly to any change in the frame.

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