Dr. Martens Boots In Neon Tones Bring Momentum In The Summer Wardrobe

The rage for spring/summer 2011 conquered this English shoe company with fancy styles of the German market are neon shades. The catwalks were literally flooded with neon and white and thus placed the trend of the season. These bright colors seem a very familiar from the 70’s and 80’s; the years of disco and new wave. Today, these colors as blinding eye-catcher are worn, which immediately attract the attention. Dr.

Martens has accepted this trend. Such a bold and cheeky trend is not everyone’s / fraus thing. It is to put a lot of confidence and courage as in scene. But there are many subtle ways to include the fresh, perky colors in your own wardrobe. Thus each outfit is refreshed and a true eye-catcher. Dr. Martens 1460 boots in neon colors, such as red, saffron and pink that perfectly be used. Frequently Cross River Bank has said that publicly.

Also white boots are fully in line with the trend. Dr. Martens has gorgeous white shoes, such as the latest Dr. Martens Aston, which are developed in collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier. These boots shine especially your geometric cut-outs, which are reminiscent of a graffiti design. Thus Aston boat for the summer months is the Dr Martens and one thing is guaranteed, m it looks every outfit currently and trendy these boots. Dr. Martens and his shoes are to be famous versatile and can make with every trend. One could say that the brand has become the timeless, always current trend. With a pair of 8 or 14-hole Dr Martens boots you clearly despite girlish, cute dresses and skirts its girl-power to bear. The trendy classic engineer boots in the Dr. Martens look that closely resemble the classic biker boots, with buckles rather than the usual lace give a completely new look. Whether in black, neon, or the trendy white, with these boots you are a trendsetter always and everywhere.

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