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Developed Englishtown learn a new method to the English on the Internet English learn online – opportunities in the interactive medium with constant growth in Internet users to take interest in the possibilities of the medium to the English learn to. English courses online are becoming increasingly popular and offer a flexible, cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional language courses for many. Online learning is growing in popularity. The benefits include better adaptation of contents to individual needs, especially flexibility and cost-effectiveness than it is in the classroom. To learn a language online, but many face skepticism and fear the direct voice application to miss. People such as Mitchel Resnick would likely agree.

Englishtown English school offers English language courses online and has developed a method which combines the advantages of technology-based learning with the real exchange between students and teachers. The unique concept is based on 3 main pillars to the English learning online: learning – interactive over 1500 hours the students are Teaching materials ready, which can be used at any time. These include lab such as flashcards, a pronunciation lab, translator, podcasts and a grammar. Practice – conversation classes are offered with English teachers and students from all over the world to the interactive. English learning online native teachers from various countries derive the lessons, answer questions and correct errors.

The classes take place every hour every day – and night-time and flexible, can be visited. Applying – an online community with members from over 120 countries allows new English skills with a wide communication range and information directly to apply. Voice and text chat, English-speaking groups on topics such as literature, music or travel, teaching materials and project suggestions for the teaching of English in schools as well as information to study abroad in English-speaking countries complete the offer. Students take exams after participating in the English course based on the three pillars, and can so in a higher the 15 available language levels go over and get an Englishtown language certificate. Who would like to learn about, intensive English can with a private tutor special topics cover such as business English and TOEFL/TOEIC preparation. Englishtown: Englishtown became more than a million members from 120 countries in 1997 as a subsidiary of EF education first established and includes as a pioneer of web-based English teaching. More than 1200 companies recognize the Englishtown diplomas, which are certified by the prestigious Hult business school.

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