Engage Personnel

Unemployment is one of the main problems in all the country, even first of all. The numbers are terrible and we watch in the sector that we watch is nothing no good that for emphasizing. It is certain that during the summer in some like in the use the hotel trade, its hiring has increased, but is still a seasonal increase. In any case, in spite of everything, there are industralists, there are businesses, that need to engage personnel and not only in summer. Doubtless the guest house sector has own characteristics that it difference of others. When depending as much on the tourism, the vacations At concrete moments of the year needs to acquire much manpower of which then, the rest of months, will not be able to become position.

For that reason, the work contracts finally or weathers are very common (although this type of contracts is more and more common in all the sectors). Another one of its characteristics, and to the thread of the previous thing, is that the personnel changes much. The number of waitresses, cooks varies following the time of the year, and so for the guest house industralist (mainly of more or less small bars or restaurants) it is very difficult to guess right at the time of contracting. The normal thing is that it does not have a department of human resources, so will depend on its clinical eye to engage a waiter or competent cook. Something that it will have to do several times during the year, which will increase the risk of mistake. And, we are not deceived, a little competitive group is very bad for the business. By companies exist, to which we can accede through Internet, which they are dedicated to create bags of use for guest house. Without needing paying to a department of human resources the industralists they can process have access to hundreds of curricula that adjust to their needs. Or of heads of kitchen, small and medium receptionists, waitresses Doubtless is a very interesting option for guest house, without great chains from restaurants to its backs, to which to maintain a department of human resources is to them very expensive but that they need to contract to personnel several times during the year.

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