Environmental Polutions

But there are more threats: a quarter of mammals could disappear within the next thirty years. Than 11,000 animal and plant species at risk, are included in the blacklist thousand mammals. Another risk factor is the exorbitant growth of cities and the impact that the environment posed by large infrastructure, which can lead to degradation of over 70% of land area in thirty years. The dangers that entails environmental degradation on health are not overlooked by the report. The pollution of the seas by sewage, for example, “has precipitated a health crisis of enormous proportions.” It is estimated that only contaminated seafood causes 2.5 million cases of infectious hepatitis annually, causing 25,000 deaths.

It is necessary to take appropriate measures to prevent further deterioration in many parts of this planet as we know are making a leaked document from the European Commission shows its controversial plans to use palm oil as agrofuels and called “forests” plantations. The expansion of this crop is the main cause of deforestation of tropical forests. In the committee draft states that clearing tropical forests and planting palm would be possible under European law to overturn agrofuels “Unsustainable.” “This document shows the hypocrisy of the Commission with their nefarious attempts to promote palm oil through laws designed in theory to prevent the destruction of the world’s forests. Allow the expansion of palm plantations for the consumption of cars and trucks in Europe, will have a devastating impact on climate, biodiversity and people whose livelihoods depend on these forests. If the European Commission really wants to combat climate change and biodiversity loss need to end the legacy of agrofuels urgently and to ensure forests are not sacrificed to fill car tanks, “according as noted Blanca Gonzalez Ruibal, of Friends of the Earth Spain. It is quite important for those who remain on the planet, governments are more severe in their actions for generations to ensure a habitat relief so they can enjoy the opportunity of life that has left us, otherwise we and most are self-destructing sad that we have failed to appreciate the absence of values, respect, commitment, responsibility, of caring what we have inherited.

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