Explore Bay

During these excursions, sometimes even humpback whales cross the course, slipping despite their size with an unparalleled smoothness through the water. Also the numerous landings reveal exciting Insights. Cities created in traditional fishing villages, former whaling stations, or at times of the gold rush. More than 400 years famous sailors from all over the world looking for the famous Northwest Passage a route from Europe through the Arctic Ocean to Asia. Many discovered a way, had to turn back but sooner or later.

Until the beginning of the 20th century explorer Roald Amundsen, succeeded completely with the ship to traverse the Northwest Passage. The Norwegian Polar Explorer took three years for this adventure – he wintered over even among the Inuit and learned from you, to move safely in the world of the Arctic ice. Today, the Northwest Passage is still a gamble. The Arctic Arctic says thinks a vast sea: the Arctic Ocean is about six times greater than the European Mediterranean Sea and borders on the continents of Europe, Asia and America. Its name comes from the Greek word arktos”(bear), already in ancient astronomers used the North Star in the great bear indicative targeting to North. The best travel conditions in the Arctic summer from June to August. If the climate is mild and penetrate the wealth which wildlife is greatest, cruise ships throughout the natural paradises of Alaska, Canada, Greenland and Spitsbergen. Deeply incised fjords, mighty glaciers, expect bizarre ice and rock formations on an Arctic Cruise.

With a little luck the white of a polar bear stands suddenly from the landscape. Or a white beluga whale glides majestically through the deep blue sea. And if the houses in an Inuit Village appear on the coast, it is time for an encounter with the magical Arctic indigenous culture. The Antarctic welcome to the highest, driest and coldest continent of the globe. Antarctica, whose land mass is almost completely buried under a up to five mile-thick ice tank is surrounded by three oceans of the world. Summer is from November to March here”and therefore the best time for a cruise. Explore Bay, for example, the paradise”on the Antarctic Peninsula. Who has ever visited it, probably never will forget this sight: glittering and sparkling icebergs drift silently past, a panorama of mighty glaciers rises behind it. All come close a further treasure of the Antarctic on a cruise: the breeding colonies of seabirds, seals and of course – penguins! On the islands of the Falklands, South Georgia or on the Antarctic Peninsula, these lovable dress carriers tens of thousands have gathered to breed and raise their young. The diversity of life in Antarctica is on a cruise to an unforgettable adventure.

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