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Live review app presents the world of culture for your Pocket: evaluate, find, and share cultural events and opinions in Berlin, 11.12.2013 – the new live review-app is now exclusively for iPhone and iPad an Android version is available in the iTunes app store, planning. The free app allows visitors in real-time communication of cultural highlights to report and to inform with the help of other opinions about theatre performances, concerts, opera performances, exhibitions and to share. On the way to the Museum or in the foyer of the theatre with the mobile app culture vultures can anywhere retrieve reviews and fresh impressions before the place online to share with other fans. The biggest line-up of event dates and criticisms, and is currently available on the Berlin and Hamburg metropolitan areas and expands in first nationwide continuously. The new app seamlessly blends into the cultural participation-centred concept of culture startups livekritik.de, for its innovation 2013 by the Federal Government as Cultural and creative pilot was awarded. Not only passively to attend an event, but even to the critics, is the credo of the independent evaluation and communication Portal from Germany, which makes the cultural visitors to the cultural operator. With the application, culture fans will be a practical tool at hand, also on the road to the cultural discussion to take part. “live review founder Rod Schmid: we break the elitist character of culture communication in Germany with the app and encourage the theater reporting concert and exhibition visitors with pleasure and ease about her cultural event and to find the right offer for they.” And further: in all other markets assessment and communication portals have established we can do it now for the cultural sector. We think it more exciting and rewarding a piece of theatre to talk about, as about the newest digital camera.” When it comes to ease of use, the live review app distinguishes itself through a user friendly menu and a compact surface.

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