General Eisenhower

Among the commanders of the Western allies involved in World War ii, General Dwight Eisenhower, a special place. And not just because at the final stage of the war, from December 1943, he took upon himself direct management of all ground operations on the Western Front, but as the supreme commander of Allied Expeditionary Forces on the anti-Hitler coalition, unlike many of his colleagues, consistently and strongly advocated for an early landing in France to apply a powerful impact directly on Nazi Germany. Not by chance in the victorious 1945 he was awarded the highest Soviet commander that the Order 'Victory'. Start of the Second World War, September 1, 1939 Lieutenant Colonel Eisenhower took a tragedy. On the day the war began Dwight wrote to his brother Milton: "After many months of frantic efforts to propitiate and appease a madman, ruling by Germany, Britain and France were driven into a corner from which they can choose only from the fighting. It is a sad day for Europe and the civilized world ' Eisenhower took an active part in developing strategic transactions involving the U.S.

Army in the early period of World War ii, and thus attracted the attention of senior military leadership of the United States. Before it opened big perspektivy.V June 1942, he became in fact, the commander of U.S. forces in Europe (their troops at that time was located so far only on the territory of the Union of Great Britain). The most important task was to strengthen the unity between the Americans and British, to prevent the burst of nationalistic passions.

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