Google Pupils

(SANTANA, 2008) f) Google Docs? documents online Is a good tool for text production and thematic presentations, elaborated of individual or colaborativa form. It is a package of applicatory of the Google that functions on-line total and currently are composed in publishers of text, presentations, spread sheets, forms and drawings. In a university group, the professor can share a document and the pupils can edit it and publish it in web again. It is a social and accessible environment to all, a space of interaction and colaborativo learning. (AXE, 2009) g) Social Nets the use of the social nets in the education is each more appropriate time for the improvement in the development of the writing and envolvement between educators and pupils. Being thus, educators and pupils use some nets to change experiences, evaluations and contents with information of learning in all the levels of studies.

The social nets can be used in innumerable ways, such as: to create communities of learning for the school, classroom or disciplines; to share information and ideas with other educators; to generate a didactic relationship dynamic between professionals of the area etc. With these new technologies also learning processes are developed in the distance. They are the lists and the groups of quarrel, are the elaboration of research reports, are the construction in set of knowledge and are the texts espelhando the produced knowledge, are emails placing professors and pupils in contact of the lesson schedules, are the easiness of exchange of information and works in the distance and in a time of great speed, are the possibility to search given in the most diverse centers of research through the Internet. (MASETTO, 2010, P. 137). She is necessary to come across itself with one to know what they are the new technologies in the education. However, to problematizar the concept, pparently intuitivo, is important to guide the activities that are developed and proposals for the pupils, since it is on them that the allure of these technologies more is advanced.

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