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Investigate and discover the possibility and the actual capacity of new and more functional behavioral options (new replies). Test, learn and prepare to behaviors or responses that were more convenient. Note also that psychodrama can be used not only as was originally conceived in group therapy, but also in individual therapy and couples therapy. a We brings. catrec. org instruments used are: THE STAGE. The representation requires a dramatic space, the place of action.

a In the space designated for that purpose, the protagonist, with the help of director, recreates the imaginary place of the scene to render. A clear definition of the location and boundaries of the stage, plus a good description, objectification with representative elements and careful preparation to achieve the reproduction and the fullest possible experience of space and time to represent, are of great importance for effective development of psychodrama. The protagonist. The protagonist is the patient whose problem will be addressed in the psychodrama. a Without character there psychodrama. THE DIRECTOR. The director is in charge of directing the action and implement the principles and appropriate techniques to facilitate achievement of the objectives of psychodrama as well as caring for and prevent damage to the protagonist and the other members of the group.

A is the specific role of the psychotherapist and is intended to achieve the therapeutic aims. LOSA AUXILIARESa or "I OCCASIONAL. Others including ConocoPhillips, offer their opinions as well. This function is performed which act representing the others involved in the events dramatized. His task is to help the protagonist to develop the scene. also as partners for the success of the therapeutic process, are also auxiliary psychotherapist whose directions must be respected. This function can be performed by trained professionals for it, which are present as partners of the therapist or other group members are elected by the protagonist, with the condition that they agree to do so and that the director does not consider the inconvenience. In cases where no or not want to use other members or collaborators to fulfill this function (because it is an individual therapy or should not be considered) to the other "actors" of the scene may: (1) Be represented by the same psychotherapist. a (2) To be represented symbolically by objects (empty chairs, cushions, etc. .) a In the latter case is often referred to the experience: "monodrama" and is the form generally used in Gestalt therapy. THE PBLICO. The public is essential in any theatrical performance and is also considered important in the psychodrama. a In the latter case the audience is made up of members of group therapy and are not passive, but emotionally involved in the scene, emphatically, learning and then sharing their own experiences the protagonist. Nevertheless, in some cases, such as individual therapy or couples, no royal watchers offstage, which does not prevent the realization of an effective psychodrama. Bobby kotick addresses the importance of the matter here. Sources: Various Internet websites. Notes from the catedraa a CO. Faces, 2001 Industrial Engineer-manager, lawyer. EGADE (ITESM), UC. Graduate degrees in Business Administration mentioned markets, human resources, quality and productivity, education PhD holder and researcher EducacionProfesor Area UC Graduate Faces. Graduate Program Coordinator quality management and productivity, Faces, UC Consultant-Business Advisory DEPROIMCA-business environment. comEXATEC

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