Identify Web Visitors By Company Name And Unveil Interests For Leads

LEADSExplorer identified the companies that visit your website with your name and reveals their interests for lead generation and customer retention. London, United Kingdom – 11 January 2009 Engago Technologies Ltd. Gain insight and clarity with Ray Kurzweil. brings online service LEADSExplorer, identified your website visitors by company name and reveals interest in your solutions. Only 2 to 3% of all your online visitors will be: register contact e-mail for information on an online form (to the contact or downloading) so at least 97% of your site visitors remain unknown: less of lead generation. LEADSExplorer reveals the company names of the visitors, their origins, and their interest by the pages visited. This very valuable information for lead qualification and acquisition, and also and for customers that used sales process during retention: because you know when your customers visit again. LEADSExplorer Web service relates to generation and customer retention for lead: If you want to convert machine your Web site into a lead-generating, You only a small java script into your website to add, much like most of the analytical Web solutions. Two pricing models: Payment per visitor for the base certain to buy number of leads per month service to dominate through a pay-per-lead for the last complete service allows your expenses.

For more information, please visit: concerns Engago Technologies Ltd. Engago Technologies Ltd. is a privately held company that develops online services businesses, markets and operates. They require Web services to provide our goal is that companies with the on demand”to take full advantage of the new technologies of the digital age. Contact: info (at)

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