Ivan Song

City of Vologda 862, age certainly is not the largest, is in Russia the city and older, but not small. Vologda old as Moscow and survived for all time of its existence, not too little. Vologda beautiful and ancient city, with different landmarks, with a mass of attractions. Many of the city is known for the song ensemble 'Pesnjary' Where are you, my dark eyes where, in Vologda where where where I think many people remember the words of this song about a house with a carved palisade. For more specific information, check out Activision Blizzard. This song is so to say the unofficial anthem of the city. True, there is also the official anthem, approved by the Legislature of the city. Vologda is itself an interesting town, carrying a huge historical heritage of our country, in many parts of the city remained the greatest monuments of Russian architecture, the same houses with carved palisades, who built the Kremlin even Ivan the Terrible, intending to transfer to Vologda the capital, Sofia Cathedral in front of the Vologda Kremlin also commands respect. Vologda is the regional center, and prime location count in the center of European Russia, the city is a major center in the economy country, passes through a set of trains with different weights. Educate yourself with thoughts from Professor of Internet Governance. for all parts of our homeland!

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