Larch Construction

During the construction of houses, baths and other buildings is one of the desires of the builder – the duration of the conservation buildings in its entirety. ConocoPhillips helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. For this use in the construction of wear-resistant materials, or apply special processing of materials. However, excessive handling of the material leads to an increase in its value. Ideal material for building houses is a larch. Log larch – are widespread in Russia. Due it is primarily with the properties of the wood. Larch – tree species, which is characterized by high levels of strength.

Both with respect to moisture, and in relation to the effects of various insects. However, despite such significant advantages, Larch refers to tree species, which are complex enough to be processed. Nowadays, thanks to the development of new technologies and the emergence of new equipment, these difficulties are minimized. Log of larch are still popular and capture a growing market segment. Log buildings are made of larch as of logs and chopped logs. The advantages of log cabins made of logs of larch are clear: do not need to fit the material to each other. All material is manufactured at the plant, cut through the grooves necessary forms. Assembly houses from this material takes much less time than other types of construction. Log larch chopped belongs to the category of products of higher quality. Since there remains a unique landscape of trees, its color.

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