Long Images

In the world of Internet time is one of the most important factors, when a user tries to access our space and view as the seconds are converted into endless often opts to leave the page, and if you find in the search engines your address next time probably jumping with what you have lost the possibility of a new reader that will remember your space slow access. One way to avoid this loss of visitors is take measures; 1. Do not use scripts to right-handed and sinister, scripts slow down the page load. Crumpton Group, Washington DC takes a slightly different approach. Maximum use only if necessary! 2.-Optimize images, too large images slow down too much page load process, you can edit them, trimming them resize them without losing original quality offering the same result to the reader and make your space structure adaptable to the dimensions of your space more harmonious avoiding images that are out of the posts, or the side of the blog. There are programs online that will allow you to make these tasks without any software you download, for example picnik or you can put in online photo editor google and you will find several tools of this kind; lose the time edit a photo supposed to lose or win converts to your space.

3 Have all the posts in the beginning of the blog; This practice often used by bloggers together with images and funny but nothing necessary scripts makes your space loading on forever for the visitor. Blogspot offers us the possibility of few posts mostrarcada time that a visitor click on our page, now I say unto you as customize it to your liking.The steps that indicates the graphic when you have selected the number of tickets you want to display go away until the end of the page and save the changes. 4.-If you have texts you want to show the visitor (texts long) and are placed on the bar side blog makes the visitor have to operate continuously scroll everytime you change page making the journey for your space (also you gives an image of true) disorder. posts short compared with the sidebar), in tedious viewing and again same thing trying avoid. Advisable is that these texts in a post and in your home inserteis place a link to this post if interested visitor will enter him.

5. For those who like to modify your templates be careful with images that you use for this purpose, as he has been treated above screenshots too heavy in customizing your template they slow down time in charge of the space. Trying to replace a template with an image that fills the entire space of the blog can do that download time on forever doing visitors to desist from going to your spaces.

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