March Birds

It’s a Codex that constitutes the only testimony of antiquity illustrated, regarding the description of the hunting of birds, by network, with League and claim, and even describes an Aviary with all kinds of decorative details. Juan Bautista Xamarro work in the year 1604 knowledge of ten birds younger than cage, his singing, disease, cure and breeding, in the introduction to the book we can see: Yo, Juan Andrada Gallo, notary of Chamber of the King our Lord, that they reside was his advice, certify and attest: having been seen by the Lords of the a book entitled nature, property, knowledge, singing diseases, remedies and maintenance of birds, composed of Juan Bautista Xamarro, tasaron each of these books in forty Maravedis, already at this price gave license so that you can sell, and they sent that this rate is put at the beginning of the book and cannot be sold without it. And so dello record, tell the present twenty-seven days of the month of March of thousand and six hundred and four years in Valladolid,… There are also important paintings that reflect that I was formerly exercised the capture of wild birds and the wild: still life with hunting (1649) Jan Fyt 1775 Francisco de Goya, custom-made for the Marquis of Leganes, represents a network of soil and a goldfinch, in traditional Castilian claims cage. This box is located in the Museo del Prado of Madrid.

URL of the box: here today of the wild in Spain. You can currently be around 40,000 fans to wild birds in some or other forms distributed in the different autonomous communities in Spain. Currently there is no legislation at the national level that regulate the silvestrismo hence the impossibility of being able to make a unanimous struggle for our right to preserve this beautiful hobby. Due to this des-union at the national level there are communities that do not have allowable catch some like Catalonia where recently (this same year 2010) has been banned this modality. Thanks to the internet and new technologies much more people know the wild.

From many forums and websites tips are given to new fans, sharing information, singing to educate cds, Meetups are organized, loose birds are made, share photos of competitions, and an infinite number of things most all of them within the legal framework of the current legislation. Personally conducted this work from the website and the forum where you can find more information about what I have tried to summarize in this article and you’ll see that the wild exists and we want to continue to exist. Thank you all. Original author and source of the article

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