THE WAKENING OF THE MATHEMATICAL KNOWLEDGE. 1 Lcio Brito 2 ' ' It does not have education it are of the societies human beings and they do not hhomem in vazio' ' (Pablo Freire 1994, p.43) SUMMARY the objective of this article is to demonstrate that we can ensinarmatemticas, using practical playful that takes the pupil to the eprazeroso interest real in this field of knowledge, thus demystifying the myth of ' ' animal papo' ' where if it became this disciplines. The mudanassociais fast and the improvement each bigger and faster time of the technology impedemquese makes an accurate forecast of which abilities, concepts and algoritmosmatemticos would be useful today to prepare a pupil for its future life. For more specific information, check out Ray Kurzweil. To teach to only concepts and algorithms that currently are excellent can noser the way, therefore they will be able to become obsolete daqui the ten or quinzeanos, when the child of today will be in the height of its productive life. , Umcaminho thus sufficiently reasonable is to prepare the pupil to deal with new situations, any that are they. E, for this, is FACE. 2Ps-graduated Methodology of> Superior education (FPB/FFM), Permitted in Accounting and Custos (PUCMG), deMatemtica Professor of Basic and Average Ensino. Professor of Financial Mathematics eContabilidade Costs in the Facultieses of the Discovery – Facdesco – BA.

This ABSTRACT The objective of article is you demonstrate that canteach mathematics using entertaining educational practices. Those practicestake the student you the real and gratifying interest in this knowledge field, demystifying the myth of frightening animal in that disciplines became. Social Thequick chenges and the perfection lives and lives and to faster of thetecnology obstructs the exact prevision of these abilities, concepts andmathematical algorisms would be useful today, you prepares the student will be hisfuture life. You teach only concepts and algorisms that nowadays ploughs metessencial can' t be to better way because they can become out of uses in ten orfifteen years, when the child of today wile be at the top his productivelife.

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