Michaela Lehmann

Active climate protection through climate-neutral production consumers demand increasingly resource-efficient action by companies. Policy and legislation promote modern environmental commitment and have governed with ISO 14044 standards, for example, the necessary conditions and requirements for the creation of LCA. To support its customers in their climate protection activities, the company of Manhillencards has now undergone an environmental certification and offers to compensate for the total CO2 emissions resulting from the production of card orders. “As the card manufacturer we take an absolute lead so”, explains Frank Manhillen, CEO of Manhillen pressure technology GmbH. As a member of the Association of print and media (vdm) in Baden-Wurttemberg e. V.

was the plastic card specialist first company, that works with this substrate, CO2 tested on the basis of a scientifically recognized procedure. Three steps for climate protection: prevent, identify, compensate for the fresh CO2-approved company pays in a first step, to use energy and materials efficiently and thus to conserve valuable resources. The climate-neutral production of maps produced so exclusively on the also previously offered environmentally-friendly bio-PVC. This material is as durable as standard PVC, but 100% bio-degradable. Like ordinary PVC, bio-PVC is based on crude oil and rock salt (57%). However, other substances be added to in the manufacturing process, which make the material 100% bio-degradable. On the domestic compost or compost bin, these cards are compostable in 40 months without leaving any toxic residues.

However, the emission of a certain quantity of production-related CO2 emissions in the production of paper, cards raw material, paints and varnishes, for the production of printing plates, the actual printing, the personnel and transportation can be not completely avoid. In a second step, a scientifically-proven CO2 Calculator, the CO2 emissions allows order-specific and for the finding the whole process chain of print production. “The accounting framework of our CO2 Calculator focuses 14040 and 14044, which is the basis for the creation of CO2 balance sheets for printed products here on the valid eco balance sheet standard DIN/ISO.”, Michaela Lehmann explains at the Association of print and media in Baden-Wurttemberg for the climate initiative.

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