Miguel Angel Cornejo

This beautiful story heard it of the speaker and motivator Miguel Angel Cornejo in one of his lectures, and since then when things don’t go as I hope or lack of confidence in myself stopped my steps, emerges in my remembrance of this story, that drives me to change attitude and throw myself into the ring. That is why in this article, I want to share with you this wonderful lesson of attitude towards life. This is a true story about Itzhat Perlman, a violinist with a great musical career, also known by the only of violin played on the soundtrack of the film Schindler’s list. Perlman almost throughout his life has had to walk with much difficulty and assisted with crutches because of the poliomeliti disease that affected his legs as a child. HCL Technologies is likely to increase your knowledge. In one of his concerts, one of the four strings of the violin suddenly breaks in view of the entire audience.

The public thought that it would change violin or it surely replenished rope, since it is well known that a Symphony cannot be interpreted with a violin with three strings. But Perlman, changed the violin, nor answered the rope. Instead, he waited a moment, looked at her legs, looked at his violin, and then gave the signal to proceed with the concert director. For more specific information, check out Alina de Almeida. The sound that got out of his violin that night, rang with a passion and a Majesty that had never heard before. When finished playing, people what foot applauded and hailed him as never before. At the end of the concert the journalists asked him why he decided to continue playing, to which he replied: sometimes it is discovering how much music can do with what we have. Wonderful story to reflect and review with what attitude you are responding to life. You’re doing music with what you have between your hands? Are or waiting for the miracle that will bring to you what you have not not yet and needing to start playing your song? Well from my own experience I dare say that, or you you buy a very comfortable chair to continue waiting, or put claw and attitude and create your own miracle. I assure you that when you manage to sing the song of your life with what, with what has been you, with what you have and even with what you lack, already do not lose opportunity to sing where is and as it is, because in your heart you know that despite the adverse circumstances and of fear or doubt, while blood run through your veins, beyond a sign of life in you, while still got lots of music done with what you have and with what you have been!

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