Mind Manager Pro

I have applied this technique, especially for the analysis of commercial situations with clients, the goal very well understand your position of purchase and the factors that define their criteria of evaluation and decision. Secondly, to create a vision of solution and finally to communicate a concept, idea or proposal to the prospect or customer. Support me in the mental maps for presentations and on many occasions I have replaced the develop presentations in Powerpoint presentations with mind maps and the results are satisfactory, i.e. I can communicate ideas in a more effective manner. Goal: Having an effective methodology of analysis, generation of ideas and effective communication that will help to gain productivity and develop a more professional job in the sales process. Tools: More than 4 years ago I started using a free tool called CmapTools (), an excellent tool and it is used worldwide by an impressive number of users, most of them in the field of education, but the interesting thing about this solution is that it has developed a community of users around the world and it is possible to obtain much valuable material through this community. About 2 years ago I started using a commercial, more robust and comprehensive tool called Mind Manager Pro.

I’ve used it in many to many of my activities as a seller and me helps a lot to organize the concepts and to transmit them in an organized manner. This is a very great help to gain time in the development of a sales opportunity. This software is acquired by license and bse installed on the pc. A few months ago I am using a complementary tool of mental or conceptual maps called KnowledgeLink. This software helps me much in the process of lifting of customer needs Control of the process of sale as a project over the years I’ve learned to the extent that want to achieve greater effectiveness in the sale process, it’s best to deal with it as if this was a project.

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