Mrs Kusmenko

After one and a half hour conversation, I was fully convinced and I must say, it does what in this direction and I think it was also a good move. I have a professional colleague who is also represented, and we had talk about that the other day. He’s doing it much longer and He says he can live now very well of them. The Cohesive Companies shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. I saw then intensively the Internet page of autoaid and was wondering of course, why are many front and why I am still at the back. Then I was told I should get good reviews. Well I tried all customers who I so had to address me please write a review. And the reviews that are there now, think I have been very positive and that are all long-standing customer of mine. They are all honest opinions and I hope and I think there will be many more.

And then I talked with Mrs Kusmenko and she told me, you can buy a premium entry. This costs a certain amount a month but I found this sum on the contrary to these other issues there has been relatively small, and I am very happy.” What do you want from your customers and what do you give them with on the way? “Hammer: to trust, to drive more carefully and to think about the small businesses.” ATB: I wish my clients a good drive, that calm “often ask what you can do and above all a trouble-free ride.” That was a little insight into the world of independent repair shops in Berlin. We be still for you. Until then, wishes you a pleasant journey autoaid. The great crisis of a small business. autoaid GmbH, online-marketing: Evelina Chayka

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