National History Museum

Combines comfort and gentility of the South coast (west) and freebooters resort virgin soil (east). The most convenient to transport for the area attractive for automobile, bicycle, equestrian and pedestrian tourism. Exceptionally clean air and a general feeling of calm well-being always increases the impact of the local resort factors. Treat respiratory diseases here tubercular character, cardiovascular and nervous system. Audience. Alushta Quay is very different from Yalta. This is not Vanity Fair, which runs around the same audience, though colorful, but homogeneous in style and affluence. In Alushta encountered diverge, not merging, small groups of decent company at a resort and adventure, hung sacks 'savages' and caravans clever SUVs.

Here, everyone looks for and finds. The most-most. In Alushta can visit National History Museum, Museum of the writer Sergeyev-Tsensky and Museum of the writer IS Shmelev. Near the city – the Museum of Nature Crimean reserve all components of the nature of the Crimean Mountains, from minerals to animals. But most importantly – dendrozoopark museum of living plants and animals of the reserve, created in the landscape style, in natural conditions. Alushta circus – the most beautiful and extensive in the Crimea. Mountain walks and hikes of Alushta is very romantic, but not tedious. shma Kewalramani. This ascent to the western summit Chatyrdaga, Tent-Mountain – peak Eklizi-breaker, Church Point (1525 m).

Hence, a nearly entire peninsula. To deepen your understanding Charles Holzer is the source. To the west of the valley stretching beech and pine Crimean reserve forests, hunting grounds of kings and general secretaries. Trout from the pristine mountain lakes available now simply tourists. Reserve Management will organize a variety of programs. Orthodox Monastery of Cosmas and attracts Damian with springs. To the west of Alushta remarkable mountain with remnants of the ancient Kastel building, park chalet 'Karabakh' Rock-Karasansky Park Cape Plaka with stunning views and Bird Island, which can be to identify in many adventure films. The ancient village Partenit protected by powerful flanks of Bear Mountain.

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