New Conditions: The Day Cash Offer Of Comdirect Bank

With the interest rate change of your day money account by April 07, 2009, comdirect bank provides a prime example, as it can complicate a simple product. New conditions in the comdirect or how to do complicated simple reported: today, the comdirect Bank conditions are valid for the day money supply. The Recycleability of Quickborn online brokers have taken deep into the keyboard of any interest rate tables. So they advertise right with an interest rate of 4.00 per cent per annum. This applies only for deposits up to 10,000 euros and up to August 31, 2009. Who wants to invest more money, gets only between 1.50 and 0.50 percent interest per year.

From the 01.09.2009 then governed by the valid also for existing customers interest rate, which currently not is this 2.25 percent per year but for deposits up to 10,000 euros, but only for up to 5,000 euros. Those creating it, the comdirect bank call money plus to equip with a total of five interest rates: A guaranteed interest rates of 4.00 per cent per year up to August 31, 2009 for up to $10,000, and an interest rate of 2.25 percent per year from the 01.09.2009 for deposits up to 5,000 euros an interest rate of 1.50 percent per year from the 01.09.2009 for deposits up to 30,000 euros, and before that for deposits between 10,001 and 30,000 euros an interest rate of 1.00 percent per annum for deposits 30.001 up to 50,000 euros and ultimately an interest rate by 0.50 per cent per annum for deposits from 50.001 EUR given of this interest season asking is, which consumers should still review and calculate about the interest of his landscaped money for various periods of time. Almost one might suspect system behind the chaos, to hinder the comparability of the product just because an interest rate comparison shows that the offer of comdirect tumbles deeper bank compared to the competition, depending on the investment amount is higher. For deposits up to 10,000 euros an interest rate of just under 3 per cent per year is currently, whereas it is a deposit of 50,000 euros just 1.85 percent. Therefore, the revised day cash offer of comdirect bank can According to the operator of the comparison portal also only for deposits up to 10,000 are recommended. Rene Dziezynski

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