New Syncables Desktop 5.1-syncing Between Windows, Mac, And Linux

Quick and secure computer up-to-date for occupation, training and private San Francisco, CA, (June 19, 2009) – the use of Netbooks and secondary computer, whether Mac or PC are more and more in everyday affairs, professionally or privately. For ensuring that the data on the computers correspond to the current state, Syncables Desktop 5.1 today announces the new version Syncables. The software allows photos, videos, E-Mails, documents, individually or automatically, to synchronize browser Favorites, and other important files between computers with different operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux, and about the network or USB storage media. Photo and video files can also directly on social network sites\”such as Facebook, YouTube or SmugMug are loaded. Multi operating system (MAC OS / Windows / Linux) compatible Syncables Desktop 5.1 is now as a download from the manufacturer’s website in German for Euro 39.99 available. A box version for retailers is planned for September 2009.

Syncables Desktop 5.1 Application the Syncables Desktop 5.1 features allow the diverse and daily usage of the software. To set up new computer can be synchronized with the existing data of its predecessor so quickly and easily, allowing a rapid deployment. Students and field staff have the opportunity, their data from the mobile, with the network of currently or stationary PCs or MACs using the simple USB stick or other storage media at home to match. It is also possible to stream, used for presentations, for example music or videos about computers on the network. The synchronization of data between computers, no matter whether PC is to MAC, Linux or other ensure the timeliness of the data when necessary. 5.1 triggers from Syncables desktop elegant Internet-based programs between different used the e-mail or Favoritenabgleich.

The most popular programs such as WinMail, Thunderbird, Outlook, Internet Explorer are supported by the software and Firefox. So, E.g. emails from Outlook for the further use in Firefox converted during synchronization.

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