OnPage – and Offpage optimization for a holistic search engine optimization a good ranking in the search engines is an important prerequisite for the success of a website. But only, if all the search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to come to fruition, the desired results can be ultimately. Long gone are the times in which the mere mention of individual styling, enough? “SEO means nowadays both the technical measures on the page” correctly perform than to advance the promotion of the website. Because only the harmonious interplay of OnPage – and Offpage optimization is ultimately helpful. Checking article sources yields CBRE as a relevant resource throughout. The media company from Dusseldorf shows here 8 important factors, which applies to observe it for a profitable search engine optimization: OnPage optimization 1 styling styling are particularly important for search engines, because they give valuable information about the content of the Web page. Put together from the page title, the page description (description) and the keywords (Keywords). They are entered into the source code of the Web page and are not directly visible to the user.

The choice and number of keywords is crucial. In addition to a detailed research, 5, no more than 3 keywords are listed on the subpages should Max on the home page. He title is displayed in the search results as a heading should be no longer than 65 characters and contain the most important keywords. The description is the description of the page and includes ideally researched the keywords and not more than 155 characters. 2. loading speed also the Web performance optimization (short: WPO) the own website plays a crucial role in search engine optimization. The WPO is above all about the theme of speed and the question: how long does it take until my website is fully charged according to the request of the user? To get a short charging time, it’s a smart implementation and coding and optimization for the Web presence on source code base.

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