Online Education

Corporation "Active" at the request of customers developed and launched a new professional rate of pay of webinars (online seminars). Pro 300 has no exceptions for access to the portal functionality, and its main feature – a quantitative Customer benefits: now both in the webinar (online seminar) can participate up to 300 people (before – a maximum of 150). This innovation is especially important for large companies. A specialized portal that is concentrated most advanced forms of online communications in business and education, offers to its customers a full suite of services for different tariff plans. Rate depends on the type of online activities that are going to hold customers, the duration of the webinar (online seminar), the estimated number of participants and leadership is functional. Just the other day tariff Pro has been transformed – it has functionality extended at the request of customers.

IT-Microsoft is "Active", worked on the modernization and optimization of hardware and software Web portal. So that if earlier the same time attend a webinar (online seminar) could maximum of 150 people, now twice as many – 300. It is critically important for large international companies with whom we work. So now the corporation to serve our clients new tariff Pro 300. "The use of prefabricated constructions such kind (improvement tools software development, software engines allow working, models, and components) to optimize the cost of our company for the production of multimedia course, and consequently reduce the development budget of e-learning (e-learning), – said information technology specialist corporation "Active" Alexei Kirichenko. – We do always listen to the customers' needs developing new software for business. " In addition, IT-ishniki Corporation "Active" develop the mapping function for all participants multiekrane webinar (online seminar), as well as create special tools to bring to the management of several major presentation. The tools that they use in the development of e-learning (e-learning), make the process of creating an interactive multimedia course (webinar, Online Seminar) available to users, not possessing the qualifications of the programmer.

"The customer is more demanding. And for us it's a positive thing, because there was no opportunity to cook in own juice, and analyze third-party opinion about our work – said the head of IT-department of the corporation "Active" Roman Shevchenko. – We are client-oriented company and really wishes of the customer is our command. How would it not pathetic sounded. " According to Roman, in recent years the corporation has paid less companies that spent on e-learning (e-learning), as another prestigious toy. What is not surprising, the evaluation criteria efficiency has not changed – the degree of training of staff and saved money on internal training. These factors are especially relevant in our time – the crisis has not ended. In general, the trend of gradual growth popularity of e-learning (e-learning) in post-Soviet space. Which makes sense: online learning (interactive multimedia courses) and other advanced information technologies and multimedia much reduce the costs of the company to increase staff, pay for travel, etc.

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