Photovoltaic Solar Storage

Tips on how to buy and use a solar store on PV solar saving interest is growing. On the one worth the storage solutions now also for private households; on the other hand, domestic consumption reduces electricity costs. But what the use specifically there to consider? The place how much space required a solar memory?” This is an important issue from the perspective of our customers. There are different designs depending on the provider. A PV solar storage tank is usually no larger than a washing machine. But it is even practical smaller: the solar storage tank of the ever energy group will need less space and are about as big as a 100 litre fridge. The best are cool and ventilated, but at the same time Frost-proof premises. Many homeowners take advantage of the basement rooms to build the solar storage tank.

The battery is placed on the dry and stable ground, installed the display and other equipment on the wall. Thereby, but the proximity to the meter box is not necessary. If you are unsure, what rooms Installation in the House are possible, as should consult an expert. Apart from the basement, more places are to imagine, for example, the budget rooms. Which are actually suitable for a storage medium should be necessarily advance.

No burning source in the immediate environment is recommended, about three meters to the PV-solar heat around neither smoke nor to kindle a fire. That includes setting up devices that, for example, a Sparks hervorufen could. Ventilation as previously mentioned, is the be-all and end-all of a solar storage tank ventilation. It is important that the room through Windows or doors can be supplied with air. Also, there are vents in the solar storage tank. To ensure the air exchange, items in at least 50 centimeters are to set up distance or to hang. Pressure even if the shape of the solar store offers the device is not suitable as a shelf for items or as a seat. Therefore the manufacturer note is necessarily Note that the solar storage tank never print to strain. Warranty seal will not void the warranty, is to ensure the integrity of the seal. It is attached usually by the installer. When it comes to errors, then please do not personally open the cover and the Cabinet. Get advice and support from experts. Good to know: there are varying product and storage guarantees depending on the provider. The ever energy group awards such as on the PV-solar storage tank a six-year product warranty on power electronics and a ten year store warranty. No problem providing power outage of the solar storage tank with electricity, even if your neighbors in the dark. Using the saved kilowatt hours you can without power about one day Cook, bake, wash and use hot water. See also: In the trend: solar power blog/photovoltaikspeicher / maintenance of solar store depending on the storage system save instead of just producing regular maintenance of electrical system and batteries are recommended.

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