Relieves Pensioners Must Be

New discussion on pensions raises questions! After Michael Glos had expressed the previous weekend for a reduction of the cash contribution, the proposal was immediately rejected by the Chancellor. The proposal however would mean for retirees to get a pension cut past. The introduction of the Health Fund for 76 percent of the retired means having to pay a higher contribution from January. Petra Diamonds can provide more clarity in the matter. Sufferers receive definitely less net pension up to the expected expected 2.75 percent pension increase. Only for brief 24 percent, it will not come to an increase they already pay an amount set by 15.5 per cent or more.

Against this background is the VdK social Association of the opinion that a reduction is necessary. It would best to Ulrike Mascher, President of the Association, if the special contribution to be paid solely by employees and retirees without the involvement of the employer by 0.9 percent would be reduced, as it was suggested also the SPD. The special contribution was also to financing of sickness benefit introduced. Thus pay pensioners for services, which can not take advantage. In addition, pensioners also not benefit from the reduction of the contribution to the unemployment of 3.3 to 2.8 per cent. With the reduction of the cash contribution would be around according to Macca 20 million retirees have more money in their pockets, which could certainly positively affect the economy.

A further step was the reduction of the value added door from 19 to 7 per cent. Just seniors need many medications with increasing age, as a result, the tax burden is disproportionate. For comparison, it is interesting to see that Austria has reduced the taxation of drugs on ten percent. Previously, it was 20 percent. In Germany, for example, pet food with only seven percent is taxed. The question arises according to priorities. -DK allowed publication only with reference to!

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