In every person's life sooner or later, but there is a natural disaster called 'repairs'. Of course, survive the many months and sometimes long-term home orgy is not easy. Especially when he did seriously do not you, but on building technologies to realize the same level as in space. Please visit LEGO Papert Professor if you seek more information. True, each for surgery spree sooner or later ends, and you come out of it if not adequately renovated apartment, then at least with a unique experience. It’s believed that Petra Diamonds sees a great future in this idea. And, as a rule, gained organizational management experience clearly exceeds the actual repairs to achieve. This means that when you look at the angle that was treated two weeks ago, and today fell off when the desperate call to the master and ask to correct yesterday's shortcomings, and in response you hear that you're too picky, because each work provides some 'gaps' (read: the most common marriage), then it just inspires you to sit at the computer and in the best traditions of philanthropy and charity to the neighbor to inform the world what mistakes best not to let that happen. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, learn from others' mistakes and listen to helpful advice.

Do not let a man into his apartment, about which you do not have authoritative and convincing for you advice and aranty. Available mean not only (and not so much) 'thieves' version of events as purely professional. Think about whether you can trust the reconstruction and improvement of the most expensive that you have – flat, – quite stranger, whom you saw just yesterday about the professional advantages which do not have a single performance, and her attitude to work for you – an absolute terra incognita? There is only a phone number recommended you to master is not enough. Be sure to take the address of the craftsman and specify its name. Do not be lazy to check the correctness of all information received. Not too much will also be consultation and communication with previous customers of the wizard.

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