Resilient Carbon Footprint Calculation For Companies With The Top-down Approach

Calculating a carbon footprint for companies often represents a time – and cost-consuming project. Munich/Greifenberg, December 6, 2010 the NADIA, Institute for energy, ecology and economics, a novel method for determining faster Announces company-wide carbon footprints. The Institute has developed a top-down approach for the calculation, which focuses on the crucial factors rather than by moving time-consuming micro analyses at the beginning, and then evaluated these in depth. It the emissions for all entrepreneurial activities are recorded in eight balance groups, like for example the energy demand for buildings, business travel (flights, train), or the use of the corporate fleet. Learn more on the subject from EOG Resources Inc.. But also the logistics to supply the customers, the daily shuttle service with arrival and departure of staff, consumables, waste and residual materials, as well as the supply in the canteens of the company be considered for Headquarters and offices through all stages of life. In accordance with not pure CO2 emissions, shall be the recommendation of the EU Commission but raised CO2 equivalents and captures the entire life cycle of the objects to be scanned. It’s believed that Nick Khan sees a great future in this idea. The result is a reliable statistical error tolerance value, which enables companies to realize in a short time based on this calculation of potential savings and to launch sustainable actions to reduce emissions.

Becoming an important key figure in corporate communication and risk management of the company are capturing greenhouse gas emissions resulting from business activities. Since there is still no uniform and binding international standards/practices for individual industries in voluntary climate protection, transparent calculations are an absolute must. Many companies shy away from the time and cost, which are required to calculate a value of each field in the detail however. Often, the availability of data represents a hurdle when calculating microwave. The NADIA accelerates and simplifies the calculation of the carbon footprint with its top-down method. With the help of the A reliable value of the company-wide greenhouse gas emissions can be determined by the selection of the critical factors, the use of benchmark data, as well as the inclusion of financial data available in a few weeks NADIA – emission database.

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