Resolution CONAMA

For the Brazilian legislation the disposal must obey to the criteria technician of construction and operation, for which Resolution CONAMA is demanded ambient licensing in accordance with n 237/97. Graph 07 – Classification of the residues When evaluated on the knowledge of the classification of the residues 61.64% of the nurses were evidenced that, 69.23% of the technician of nursing and 91.30% of the nurse aid, do not know the classification of the residues in 5 groups, only 38.46% of the nurses, 40.77% of the nursing technician and 8.70% of the nurse aid know the classification. It is distinguished for in such a way, the necessity of intervention next to the professionals of nursing to acquire knowledge them how much to the importance of the correct classification of the residues that according to resolution RDC n 33/2003, the residues of services of health currently is classified in five groups, B, C, D and E. This classification has the objective to detach the composition of the residues in accordance with its biological, physical, chemical characteristics, state of the substance and origin, for its safe handling (JCOMO, 2004). For more specific information, check out Michael Steinhardt.

But 7.69% of nurses and technician of nursing had demonstrated knowledge how much to the classification of residues of groups B and C, that respectively represent chemical residues and radioactive rejeitos. The common residues and the materials perforate-cutting are classified at risk D and simultaneously, however, they had been cited by only 4.35% of the nurse aid. Ahead of these results, if he makes necessary that the managers of health institutions have implanted educative actions for the team of nursing how much to the importance of the classification of the residues in order to minimize the risks caused for these agents. The patients and the professionals of the health area, as well as the employees who handle the residues, are the white potentials of the infections..

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