Rumours Correctly Handle – Munster Rumor Clinic Offers Seminar In

Workshop with communication scientist Prof. Dr. Klaus Merten Munster, 19th January 2009 an alleged product defects, the possible acquisition or the probably imminent exit of the CEOs. The economy is a rumor mill, where it simmers constantly in times of the media society. The PR training and further education Institute com + plus in Munster has therefore in the autumn a rumor clinic founded. The Scientific Director of the Institute, Prof. Dr. Klaus Merten, and his team explore the emergence of rumors and give business tips on professional dealing with rumors.

On Friday, February 6, 2009, the Institute offers a seminar on handling rumours in corporate communications”on. Who wants to systematically identify rumors in the business world and turn to damage from companies and organizations, need to know, how and why rumors are created and how they spread”, Merten explains the background of the seminar. The workshop is aimed primarily to spokesperson and staff from the Areas of communications/public relations, but also to independent consultants or communications professionals on the agency side. After all, they are the actors involved in the image of organizations or companies. A correct handling negative rumors must bring down the share price nor gnaw on the brand value”, as Merten. Contact information is here: Xcel Energy. If the media get a rumor alive, it applies to protect the image of the company. In the seminar, the participants know how they discover rumors and combat.

There are ways to clear the rumors of the world. We show what possibilities there are to”Merten says. More information and registration forms for the seminar on:.

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